Evening Appointments

Perfect Timing

Atlanta Evening

Since closing my Buckhead office and beginning a telemedicine practice, much of the year I now reside in a time zone 6 hours behind that of most of my patients. When first contemplating this plan, I saw this as a major hurdle. Little did I know it would turn out to be an added benefit.

Sure, some of my patients who preferred morning appointments were initially displeased. However, when I shared that I would now be available for sessions well into the evening, some patients literally grew giddy.


For years, my 4PM or 5PM appointment times were always the first to fill. Patients would tack their session on at the end of a busy day. Now, the sessions first to fill are at 7PM or 8PM. Those very same patients head home after work, relax for a bit, and have their dinner before we speak.


Some patients have sought out my care solely because I now offer evening sessions. “Is it true you offer evening hours?” Those have been the first words of more than one caller in recent months. “They’re evening hours for you,” is often my response. We both feel fortunate.