About Telemedicine

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Telemedicine can be defined as medical information exchanged via electronic communication to improve the health of a patient. Telemedicine includes a growing number of applications, but in the context of Dr. Teliho’s practice, telemedicine is focused primarily on teleconferencing.

Telemedicine began almost 40 years ago as a way of extending treatment options to patients in rural areas. Today, telemedicine has become an integral part of the ongoing operations at many hospitals and doctors offices.

Remote healthcare isn’t a separate medical specialty. Telemedicine is simply an extension of Dr. Teliho’s existing practice. Patient consultations, mental health evaluations, and follow-up visits are all part of Dr. Teliho’s telemedicine treatment program.

Telemedicine improves access for patients, making it easier and more convenient for them to make appointments without having to worry about traffic or getting back home or to work at a particular time. Our patients have found this improves their therapy and makes their sessions more productive overall.

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blogging-336375_1280You don’t need to be a computer expert to be able to participate in Dr. Teliho’s telemedicine program. Chances are, you already have everything you need and most people already have some experience using a webcam either on their computer, tablet or mobile device.

Dr. Teliho gives patients their choice of connectivity methods. He is currently seeing patients using both Skype and Facetime, and he also offers WebEx meetings.

If you have a Skype account, it’s as easy to connect with Dr. Teliho as you normally would on Skype, except you will conduct a video call versus an audio-only call.

If you have an iPhone, iPad or Macintosh computer you can use the Facetime feature to connect with Dr. Teliho.

WebEx is another option that is very easy and offered for just about any platform imaginable. Just click the link in the meeting invitation email and you’ll automatically download the required software for you to make your appointment.

Once you schedule your first appointment, you’ll be provided more specifics about your preferred method of video conferencing.


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headphones-390338_1280Tips to Make Your Session More Productive

  • To facilitate good communications its important for you and Dr. Teliho to hear one another clearly. This means that you should always face the microphone, speak up and speak clearly. Avoid situations such as background music or children playing that could be distracting. Using a headset is a great idea to make yourself heard better and making it easier for you to hear during your video conference session.
  • Maintain good facial communication by engaging on your call and focusing on the camera rather than the image of the Doctor. While this may seem awkward at first, this will become second nature the more you teleconference in this manner.
  • Don’t wait until the last minute to get your gear online and working properly. If you’ve made changes to your computer or installed new software, always test your webcam communication afterward to ensure that these changes haven’t introduced a problem that will prevent you from making your appointment on time.
  • Prepare for your session to make sure you won’t be interrupted or distracted. If you are at your office, close the door to your office or choose a secluded meeting room where you won’t be disturbed. In addition to call clarity, your headset can also provide some measure of discretion and privacy.